Troubleshooting Offline WiFi Device


This technote provides a walkthrough on how to troubleshoot your offline Wifi device. The WiFi devices run directly off of your network's settings, and can often times lose connection.

Note: If you're  experience frequent inexplicable drops in connection make sure you're on at least firmware version 8.11(WiFi 350 only.) Click here for upgrade instructions.



  1. Make sure that your device's power adapter is plugged in.
  2. Check to see if LED's are flashing.

Note* If you notice all the lights  come on and then go out after plugging the device in this is normal  behavior. To check if you have power peek through the space of the USB  port to see a blue glow. User-added image   

  1. Connect the device to your computer via Ethernet cable. Connect  from the PC port on the device to the Ethernet port of your computer.  The lan light will come on.
  2. Type into your browser window.
  3. Check  and make sure that your device still has an internet connection. If it  does not, navigate to the Connection Settings tab to setup your  connection by going into developer mode.

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Note* Check to make sure your network allows internet traffic for your device.


  1. If you are using your device in Insights, In the Developer  Mode Console under the Alarm Settings tab, ensure that the Use Insights option is selected to "Yes".

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  2. If you are still experiencing issues, try factory resetting your device.

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