Users Tab & Permissions

The  Users tab lists all current users. Use this tab to create new users,  delete users, and manage user permissions via the following settings:

  • Preferences: Edits the user’s default view
  • Profile: Edits the user’s profile
  • Group Permissions: Edits which groups the user can view


User Privileges Table

FeatureOwnerAdminEditorSensor Alert EditorIncidents ResponderViewer
Access to View Devices, Device Readings, and Incidents
Access to View Alerts
Acknowledge, Review and Comment on Incidents* 
Access to Edit Alerts  
Access to Add groups of devices and move devices within a group   
Create Reports*   
Access to delete devices    
Add Users and modify users account    
Pause and Resume Sensor Cloud Account billing/activity     
Change Ownership     


Adding Users, Deleting Users, & Managing User Settings

The  Users tab displays a list of all users with access to the account. Use  this tab to add users, delete users, and manage user settings. Only  owners and admins can add and delete users.

User-added image

1. Delete:  The view link is only visible to owners and admin-level users. Click  the link to permanently delete a user and their access to the account.


2. Add New User: The ability to add new users is only available to owners and admin-level users


3. View – The view link is only visible to owner and admin users. Click the link to edit a user’s preferences or profile.


4. Manage Users: Lets you change owner and max password age. Only the owner can set a new owner.


 User-added image

*Manage users screen.

User information when clicking view is as follows:

  • Default View: Selects which view the sees when logging in. Options are list, map, and dials.
  • Username: The username assigned to the user.
  • First Name/Last Name: The user’s first and last name.
  • Email Address: The email address associated with the user.
  • Role: The role assigned to the user.
  • Group Permissions: Edits which groups the user can view

  User-added image

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