Store and Forward

Store  and Forward is only available on the Cellular and Wireless Sensor devices.   Should either of these devices go offline for any reason, they will  store up to 2000 readings locally while waiting to get connection back.   Upon reestablishing a connection, the device will begin back-filling  all of it's stored readings to Insights.  This feature ensures that  should an outage ever happen, your data will still be getting read and  recorded.

This feature only exists on the "Pro" Insights plan.


  1. This feature is automatically enabled on all "Pro" Insights plans - no action is required by the user.
  2. To  avoid losing any locally store readings, avoid powering off a device  that his been offline for any amount of time.  Powering off or resetting  the unit may result in a loss of stored readings
  3. Once a connection is re-established, readings will automatically begin to upload to Insights.
  4. Allow time for the readings to upload - depending on the number of stored readings, the time to completion will vary.

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