Battery Life of Cell Device

The  TempAlert TM-CELL-400-Z does include a built-in battery backup so if  you lose power your device will still collect and report the sensor  data. The cellular device can run off the internal battery for 20-24  hours after initial loss of AC power on a full charge. Note, the  backup battery is not removable or replaceable.

Best Practices for the TM-CELL-400-Z Battery:

  1. The device  operating range is from 5ºC to +45ºC (+41ºF to +113ºF) if the device is  outside this range then the battery life may not last as long.
  2. Shorter reading intervals will lower battery life. It’s recommend to set power alerts for AC power loss and low battery.
  3. Allowing the  battery to fully discharge can shorten the devices lifespan. Even when  not in use please do not leave the device disconnect from power for  overly extended period of time. If you must store the device hold down  the power button until all lights turn on then go out one by one. This  will power off the device and preserve some of the charge.

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