Troubleshooting Offline Cell Device

This technote offers suggestions for trouble shooting common causes of the "missed report alert". Note these light patterns apply to devices purchased after July 4 2014.

Failure Light Flashing

  • 3 blinks - device not registered: Contact us with your device ID and email of your account and we will activate it for you.
  • 2 blinks  - no signal: Try signal finder mode. This should help you find a  location with signal. Near windows is usually best. If this does not  work contact us to check coverage maps to verify that you have coverage  in your area.
  • Fast continual blinking - modem error: Contact us with your device ID so we can troubleshoot further.
  • 1 blink  - failed to communicate to server: Possibly low power. Check if the  info light has 3 blinks. If so allow the device to charge for 25-60  minutes and press the on/off button once quickly to reboot.

Device not powering on or not charging

  1. If there are no lights on your device: Press  the power button if you do not see any lights come one then there is no  power. If you connect the device to a working power source all lights  should briefly come one. Please allow 25–60 minutes to charge.
  2. If lights come on but you do not see a single blink on the power light: Your  power adapter or outlet may not be working. Connecting the device to a  computer’s USB port using the charging cable will allow your device to  charge. If the device is charging contact us for a replacement adapter.  3rd party AC to USB adapters should be compatible as long as the output  is 5V 1A.


Note: For the TM-CELL200, TM-CELL300, and TM-CELL400 please be sure you have at least one working sensor attached.

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