Sensor Requirements For Monitoring -80C Freezers

When you need to monitor -80C or below freezers, we recommend our Expanded Range Sensor (AC-TMPEXRJ12).

The  AC-TMPEXRJ12 is an expanded range temperature sensor that can measure  temperatures from -200C to +200C (-328F to +392F). Compatible with  TempAlert WiFi and Cellular Edition devices, the Class A RTD temperature  sensor is encased with a diameter of 4 mm and length of 150 mm  stainless steel (316) sheath and wired with high temperature rated  teflon cable protected by a stainless steel braid. The included cable  length is 6'. Longer lengths are available - please contact us for  details.

NIST certification/calibration available.
To use the  sensor, plug the RJ-12 connection into any of the ports on your device.  The tip of the sensor should be located in the monitored area. Keep the  tip away from anything that could interfere with the readings (e.g. fan,  high powered light).

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