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Download the user manual, brochure and product specs for your Temp@lert product here.

Sensor Cloud Folders and Groups Guide v2.0
Guide on how to set up device groups in Sensor Cloud
.pdf  638.65 KB Download
Contains detailed information on each tab in Sensor Cloud
.pdf  935.37 KB Download
Contains information on the Cell 400-Z and Zpoint Wireless Node.
.pdf  678.17 KB Download
TM-CELL400-Z Temperature@lert user guide V.1.6.pdf  10.55 MB Download
CELL400-Z Quickstart.jpg  213.03 KB Download
TM-CELL400-Z Cellular Data Sheet v-1.7.pdf  2.57 MB Download
Temperature@lert ZPoint User Guide Model TM-ZP200 Ver 1.2.pdf  888.97 KB Download
TM-ZP200 ZPoint Data Sheet v.1.6.pdf  687.93 KB Download

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