Failed to Load FTD2XX.DLL Error

After installing the software, if proper drivers were not installed, you will likely see the following error: "Failed to load FTD2XX.DLL".  This guide will help you resolve that issue.

Note If  the OS you're installing on is a VM please make sure the device is  added to the guest OS and configured otherwise you may see this same  error.


  1. Using the following link, download the appropriate drivers based on your Operating System: D2XX Drivers Download. Windows users should download the "Setup Executable" (Direct Download)
  2. Run the previously downloaded executable.  You may need to right click the file and select "Run as administrator"
  3. Extract and install the drivers

    User-added image
  4. The  drivers should now be successfully installed.  You will see the device  appear as a USB Serial Port in device manager as well as the  TempAlert Software.  Please note that your COM number may differ from  the example.

    User-added image
         *Device Manager view

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