WiFi 350 Downloads



The  latest software and drivers for your TempAlert WIFI350 Edition can be  found here. Please be sure to review the knowledge base articles if  you're experiencing any trouble with these downloads. For product  documentation, please see the next section below.


*For WIFI330 downloads, please visit our legacy section.

Security updates - lighttpd updated.  Feature updates.
.zip7.2 MBDownload
 Device's Network restarts on a random interval if unable to connect  to Sensor Cloud servers. This helps keep the device connected to the  network.
.zip7.21 MBDownload
 Display device ID at the bottom of each page. Display plan info on  page 2 of Sensor Cloud mode. WPA/WPA2 Enterprise Enabled SNMP Server  Settings.
.zip7.21 MBDownload
 Fixed issue where corrupted readings read as 0.0 C. 30 second  redirect to cloud. SNMP get functionality added. Fixed display issue  with debug IP in connections tab. Added Enable DNS Rebind Protection  Toggle.
.zip7.11 MBDownload
For the WiFi 350 only. First digit in each firmware version must match in order to work. See legacy products for the 330.
.zip7.02 MBDownload

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