Legacy WiFi-330 Downloads


The  latest software and drivers for your Temperature@lert WiFi Edition can  be found here. Please be sure to review the knowledge base articles if  you're experiencing any trouble with these downloads. For product  documentation, please see the next section below.

All 330 firmware not compatible with the WiFi 350. Fixes graph issue, allows 7 day overwrite of temp logs.
.zip5.68 MBDownload
 Not compatible with the WiFi 350. If not sure, then to know if  firmware is compatible, check if the first digit in your firmware  version matches.
.zip5.68 MBDownload
TM-WIFI330-7-6.zip5.68 MBDownload
TM-WIFI330-7-5.zip5.67 MBDownload
TM-WIFI330-7.3.zip5.46 MBDownload
TM-WIFI330-7.1.zip5.46 MBDownload
Initial Release
.zip5.45 MBDownload

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