How to Perform a Factory Reset

Performing  a factory reset will restore the device to its initial factory  settings. This will remove any changes made by the user, including alarm  and notification settings. It will also reset the credentials needed to  access developer mode settings. A factory reset should only be used if  all other attempts to access the devices interface have failed.

Steps to Reset WiFi Device:

  1. Plug the WiFi device into a power source using the provided A/C adapter.
  2. Locate the pinhole on the underside of the device. You'll need a pin or paper clip in order to access the reset button.
  3. Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds then release. There will be no visual indication of a reset.

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  4. Wait 60 seconds to allow the device to reboot before connecting to a PC.
  5. Upon accessing the interface via, you will notice all factory settings have been restored.

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